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How to read soccer betting odds What is the standard? Currently there are three main types of odds: Asian odds, European odds and score odds. Each type of bet has its own calculation and meaning, so you need to understand each type clearly to be able to play properly. In the following article, five88 will guide you on the most accurate way to read!

What are soccer betting odds?

When it comes to soccer betting, reading odds is an important skill that everyone needs to master. However, not everyone understands clearly How to read soccer betting odds. Because many people do not understand how to read odds, they have since lost money unfairly.

You need to understand the common types of bets in soccer betting. There are three main types of odds: Asian odds, European odds and Over/Under odds. Each of these types of bets has a different way of reading and calculating the odds.

It can be seen that reading the odds is very important. This is the basis for players to make their betting decisions. If you do not clearly understand the contents and symbols of each type of bet, it is no different from throwing money into the ocean.

Overview of how to read soccer betting odds

How to read betting odds in Asia

Asian handicap is considered the most popular form of handicap in football matches. To read Asian handicaps, you need to consider two main factors: odds and handicap. Odds represent the ratio between the amount you bet and the amount you can receive if you guess correctly. Meanwhile, handicap is an adjustment of the ratio between two teams to create balance.

Same ball bet (draw bet)

This is a type of bet with a handicap of 0, meaning the difference in odds between the two teams is not high. This type of bet has quite simple rules, if the team you bet on wins, you will win money and vice versa.

If the player believes that the difference between the two teams is not too big, they can bet on a draw. Currently, there are some popular types of draws such as: Draw 0 – 0, Draw 1 – 1, Draw 2 – 2,…To be able to put money into this bet, players must also consider the gameplay from both sides to make accurate judgments.

Instructions for reading ball odds

Handicap ½ half left 0 – 0.25

Half-half handicap 0 – 0.25, also known as 1/4 handicap, is a popular Asian handicap in soccer betting. This bet appears when the two teams play at a similar level, the home team is rated slightly better and has a handicap of 0.25 against the away team.

How to read soccer betting odds This is as follows:- 0.25: Symbol for the number of handicap goals that the upper team (home team) handicaps the lower team. The symbol 0.25 is the symbol for the upper team (home team).

H3: Half-left handicap 0.5

Half-left handicap 0.5, also known as handicap 0.5, is a popular type of bet in European football betting. The upper team now handicaps the lower team by 0.5 goals.

Odds: A number that represents the handicap between two teams. In the case of a 0.5 left half handicap, the odds will be +0.5 for the upper team and -0.5 for the lower team.

Half one handicap 0.75

The half and first handicap of 0.75 appears when the level of the two teams is different. At this time, the home team is rated a bit higher and handicaps the away team by 0.75 points.

The symbol “-0.75” represents the number of goals handicapped by the upper team, that is, the home team, handicapping the lower team. Finally, the symbol “0.75” represents the favorite team, that is, the home team.

H3: Handicap 1 goal

The 1-goal handicap is a popular Asian handicap in soccer betting on Five88. KThis handicap appears when the two competing teams have different qualifications, the upper team is considered stronger and is handicapped by 1 goal to the lower team.

Instructions for handicapping 1 goal

How to read European football odds

There are many people who love football and want to participate in European football betting, but not everyone knows How to read soccer betting odds professionally. This can cause you to lose your advantage in evaluating and choosing the team you want to bet on. So, let’s learn how to read the following:

  • 1X2: Represents possible outcomes in the match. Where, X represents a drawn match, Number 1 represents the home team winning and number 2 represents the winning away team.

  • Asian Handicap: Asian Handicap odds aim to create a balance between two teams. For example, a -0.5 bet on the home team means they must win the match by at least 1 goal for you to win your bet.

  • Over/Under: Represents the total number of goals in the match. The bet level is usually set at under 2.5 or over 2.5. If you choose under 2.5 and the total number of goals in the match is 2 or less, you win the bet.

How to read Over/Under odds

In the world of soccer betting, reading Over/Under odds is an important skill that players should master. Over/Under is a type of bet where the player must predict the total number of goals in the match. To be successful in reading this bet, it must be applied How to read soccer betting odds professionally and scientifically.

First, let’s look at the indicators and statistics related to the two football teams. Information includes each team’s average scoring rate, average conceding rate, offensive and defensive performance. These numbers will help you have an overview of the scoring and defense abilities of the two teams.

Draw bet

A draw bet appears when the bookmaker Five88 evaluates the two competing teams as having the lowest strength and ability to winsame. Some important factors to know as you go How to read soccer betting odds  draw bet:

  • Symbol: When participating in soccer betting, the Draw bet is often denoted by the letter X or H. This is a simple and common way to distinguish it from other types of bets.

  • Odds: Draw odds often vary depending on each bookmaker and their assessment of the possibility of a draw between the two teams. Reputable and professional bookmakers will offer balanced odds, ensuring fairness and attractiveness for players.

How to read draw bets

Over/Under Odds 2-2.5

Over/Under 2-2.5, also known as Over/Under 2.25, appears when the two teams have a difference in difference. This type of bet helps players predict the total number of goals that can be scored in a match.

The meaning of the over/under bet 2 – 2.5 is as follows:

  • Bet on Over: When you think the total number of goals will be more than 2.25 in the match.

  • Bet on under: When you think the total number of goals will be less than or equal to 2.25 in the match.

  • Odds: Over/Under 2-2.5 odds will vary depending on the bookmaker and their assessment of the scoring ability of the two teams.


In football, knowing How to read soccer betting odds is an important skill that every bettor needs to master. If you don’t know how to read the odds, there’s a high chance you’ll lose from the first time. Don’t wait any longer, join Five88 right away to have great experiences together in the soccer lobby!

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