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Board Game Conan is an attractive game that gives players dramatic and exciting experiences. With a fictional environment inspired by co-creator Robert E. Howard’s legendary world, this game takes players on an adventurous adventure in the world of Conan. Here, you will face massive battles, explore wild lands and search for legendary treasures.Let’s explore the things below with 8xbet!

In this guide, we will introduce you How to play Board Game Conan in a detailed and easy to understand way. By familiarizing yourself with the basic rules, game components and how the rounds are conducted, you will have enough knowledge and skills to become a powerful warrior and manipulator in the world. Conan’s legendary world.

Whether you’re new to board games or experienced, this guide will help you get into Board Game Conan with ease. You’ll explore tactical elements, build plans, and enjoy tense and dramatic confrontations with friends and family.

Get ready to enter the challenging and adventurous world of Board Game Conan. Prepare your mind and intelligence, and let’s explore how to play and experience memorable moments in this game.

How to play Board Game Conan

The game has a diverse action structure, from fighting monsters to solving puzzles and finding valuable items.

Game components

  • Game board: The map is designed with different areas and locations.

  • Deck: Includes character cards, army cards, and event cards.

  • Miniatures: Character and army models that represent the warriors in the game.

  • Toys: Includes tokens, coins and other accessories.

Objective and plot

  • The main goal of Board Game Conan is to win and get the highest score.

  • Players will participate in Conan’s adventure story and try to complete their own missions and goals.

Game rules and regulations

  • The game is governed by a detailed rules system, including rules for movement, combat, base building, and resource management.

  • Each player takes his or her turn, following predetermined rules and limits.

  • There may be special rules for individual characters, armies, or special events.

How to play Board Game Conan with basic operations

Players will take on the role of powerful characters and attempt to complete various quests in a rich and challenging world.

Fighting Phase

Move and explore

  • Players can move their character on the board to explore new areas, searching for targets and resources.

  • Decide to move through the use of action points and determine the distance to move based on the character’s abilities and current position.

Fight and attack:

  • When the character comes into contact with an enemy, a fight will occur.

  • Players use a deck of military cards to evaluate their strength and fighting skills.

  • Use the dice and deck of cards to determine the outcome of the fight and the damage caused to your opponents.

Construction Phase

Build a base and upgrade:

  • Players can build their bases on the game board, including buildings and structures.

  • Buildings provide special benefits and incentives to players, while structures provide energy and resources.

  • Players can upgrade and expand their base to increase their strength and fighting ability.

Collect resources and manage teams:

  • Players can collect resources from areas on the board and use them to improve their army and base.

  • Team management includes recruiting and training new warriors, managing equipment and weapons, and assigning roles and tasks to each team member.

In both gameplay phases, players will have to make strategic decisions and optimize their resources and abilities to win and achieve their goals. The combination of the Fighting phase and the Construction phase creates a balance between action and strategy, giving Board Game Conan a diverse and interesting playing experience.


Board Game Conan is a strategy game full of adventure and drama, taking players into the fictional world of Conan and experiencing challenging adventures. Through an introduction to the game’s components, goals and plot, as well as basic gameplay and operations, players can better understand how to play Conan Board Game.

In the game, players will have to use tactics, planning and team coordination to gain an advantage. Using character special skills, taking advantage of the environment and resources, and implementing offensive and defensive strategies will help players get closer to victory.

Finally, after the end of the game, scores will be calculated based on the set criteria and players will enjoy the results and learn behind-the-scenes lessons from the match.

With hints and effective playing strategies, players can grasp the important elements and enjoy Conan Board Game at its best.

Ultimately, Board Game Conan is not only an engaging game but also a great way to experience the world of the legendary character Conan and challenge yourself in an action-packed adventure.

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