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Surely every veteran bettor has probably heard a lot about ball betting. However, for some newcomers, the concept is still unfamiliar What is a ball bet? and everything related to this bet. nhacaiuytin will answer everything below in this article.

What is the concept of ball betting?

Some players have questions when they first joinWhat is a ball bet? This is a type of Asian betting odds applied in football and is often denoted 0-0, which means the score is a draw provided by the house for players to choose from. This soccer bet appears when matches take place between two teams with no difference in level. And this bet often appears in big matches between two famous teams or in the semi-finals or finals of major tournaments such as the finals of the C1 Cup, World Cup or Euro.

To better understandWhat is a ball bet?? This bet only occurs between two teams with records as well as the ability to compete for the tournament championship. In this bet, there will be other bets included such as the 0.5 ball match or the shaking bet…

What is the concept of ball betting?

What are the situations that can happen in ball betting?

To answer questionsWhat is a ball bet?, there are three situations that will occur during the match as follows:

  • Team A wins: If the bettor catches team A, the player will win the bet and if he chooses team B, he will lose the bet.

  • Team B wins: If the bettor catches team A, the player will lose the bet, and if he chooses team B, he wins the bet.

  • The match results in a draw: players who choose team A or B will have their bets returned.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ball betting?

As you know, ball odds are a popular bet in sports matches, especially in soccer. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of ball betting that everyone should know:

What are the advantages of flat betting?

  • Fairness: Equal odds help create a fair chance for both teams, giving players the opportunity to bet fairly without being affected by the strength or weakness of each team.

  • Increase your chances of winning: Compared to betting on other Asian odds, the same ball odds have a higher winning rate due to the greater chance of winning with different odds.

  • Easy to understand: Ball odds are often easy to understand and apply, especially for those who are new to sports betting.

What are the disadvantages of ball betting?

  • Low odds: Because the odds are fixed in advance, the profits from ball betting are often not as high as other types of bets such as Asian odds.

  • Difficult to predict: Although easy to understand, it is still not easy to predict the exact result of a match with ball betting. Especially in highly competitive matches.

  • Less flexible: Ball bets are often less flexible than other types of bets, not allowing players to adjust their bets after they have placed them.

In short, this ball bet will have advantages such as fairness, ease of understanding and higher winning ability compared to some other types of bets, but it also comes with disadvantages such as low odds, difficulty predicting. predict and the possibility of high loss if the prediction is wrong.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ball betting?

How to bet on the ball?

Each player needs to have accumulated experience while participating in betting to win when participating in betting, including ball odds. As mentioned in the disadvantagesWhat is a ball bet? This type of bet is very difficult to predict because the match will feature two teams with similar levels and strengths. Therefore, bettors need to calculate really carefully.

Remember the following when placing a bet on the ball

  • Do not bet early: It is best to bet about 30 minutes before kick-off time to grasp pre-match developments.

  • If it’s difficult to make a decision, choose the home team.

  • Choose a team with a good recent performance.

What is an example of a ball bet?

In a match between Man City and Liverpool, the bookmaker offers the same ball bet and the payout ratio in this bet is at 0.85. The player bets 100,000 VND for this match. If the match ends with a score of 1-0 and Liverpool team wins. There will be betting results as follows:

  • If you choose the Liverpool team, the player will win the bet and receive a bonus of 100,000 + 100,000×0.85 = 185,000 VND

  • If you choose the Man City team, the player will lose 100,000 VND of the bet money.

What is the experience of betting on the same ball?

Let’s answer your experience when participatingWhat is a ball bet?? When participating in this bet, there are some important experiences that players can apply to increase their chances of winning and minimize risks:

  • Research carefully: Before placing money on this bet, find out information about the two participating teams, including the current squad, recent achievements, the performance of the players, and the confrontation history between them. Surname. This helps players have a better overview and prediction of the outcome of the match.

  • Consider the home/away field factor: Home field often gives the home team an advantage due to support from the audience and familiarity with field conditions. Let’s consider the impact of this factor on the outcome of the match.

  • Follow the news: Always update the latest news and information about the two teams before placing a bet. Factors such as injuries to key players, changes in the squad, or any other relevant news that can affect the team’s mentality and style of play can all affect the results.

  • Capital management: Set a reasonable bet level and follow risk management principles. Do not bet an amount larger than your financial ability or exceed the limit you have set.

  • Don’t be drawn in by emotions: Place bets based on analysis instead of based on emotions or love for a particular team.

What is the experience of betting on the same ball?

What are some important notes in ball betting?

Betting is a form of entertainment that creates satisfaction or relaxation for those who watch football. However, even though it is a form of entertainment and entertainment, it also comes with many potential risks. Therefore, new players need to prepare knowledge and finances to bet. Here are some notes:

  • Most matches that have a tie bet will have very few draws.

  • During the match, players see uneven odds for the two teams (one team has a high payout and the other has a payout ranging from 0.65 to 0.75). Therefore, in this case, players should choose a team with a low percentage to have a high payout.

  • You should not bet large amounts of money when participating in betting because there is always risk.


Through the above information, we have introduced to you the concept of What is a ball bet?The information we share will help all new players participating in ball betting to achieve good results.

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