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Cockpit Scholar is known as one of the top c1 cockfighting arenas in Asia today. This unit specializes in providing the most quality and intense matches from amateur to professional tournaments. For more detailed information about this attractive betting hall at 888bet, please refer to the following overview article.

Basic overview information about cockfighting arena Scholar

Cockpit Scholar was established on February 2, 2023 in Laos, this is a new address recently, but the name is not inferior to other veteran names such as Thomo cockfighting, Lumpinee,… Currently , the brand has been copyrighted by bookmaker 888B, so bettors only need to visit the house and choose this game lobby to be able to watch exciting matches.

Coming to this playground, you do not need to worry about the reputation or legality of the game Scholar. The unit ensures full supervision by the Lao government, and is also the Asian betting association. Therefore, bettors who love to watch live C1 cockfighting matches should not miss this exciting entertainment paradise.

General information about cockfighting arena Scholar

Instructions on how to watch cocks fight at the cockfighting arena Scholar 

To be able to watch fiery and exciting cockfighting matches, you just need to follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: You access the official link of bookmaker 888B, then log in (if you already have an account), or register according to the system’s instructions to have a betting account.

  • Step 2: You need to deposit money into your game account, betting capital has many forms for you to transact. You don’t need to worry about this problem, just log in to the house and follow the instructions to deposit money successfully.

  • Step 3: At the house’s homepage, click on the cockfighting section, select “cockpit Scholar”. At this time, a series of live videos of fighting cocks competing against each other are extremely attractive. Bet players can freely choose a suitable clip for themselves.

Specific rules and regulations in the cockfighting ring Scholar

Brothers bet online Cockpit Scholar via the website of 888B, you need to be careful to comply with the company’s regulations and rules of the game.

Rules for choosing cocks to compete with each other

Before entering the official match, the two chickens will need to agree on time as well as husband previous spurs according to the law of cockpit Scholar. In case the two sides cannot successfully compromise, the cocker needs to step in to pair the cocks of the same weight class.

Procedures for entering the fighting cock’s cage

Those who watch cockfighting matches can find a suitable fighting cock and bet money on it through a comprehensive observation of that cock. Everyone can see this image during the time the referee cleans his spurs and checks his fitness.

Procedures you need to know when entering the cockfighting arena Scholar

The law regulates the time of live cockfighting competitions

Match time at cockpit Scholar There will be no specific time limit, but will be calculated by the hour. Each pool lasts about 1 minute and there is a 5-minute break. Just like that, the match will continue until one of the two cocks runs away or collapses.

The law of defeat 

  • In cockpit Scholar, if one of the two chickens does not strike or run, it will be considered a loser.

  • If 5 minutes after the start the chicken runs away and screams loudly, it will immediately be forfeited.

  • The losing rule in the cockfighting ring will apply to cocks that are kicked to the ground 3 times or more.

Law of rest between lakes

Between the competition periods, there will be a 5-minute break in the middle of the tank. Bettors need to know to not let their cocks violate.

  • Fighting cocks during the rest period according to regulations cockpit Scholar You will still be able to eat and drink normally, but all must be provided by the organizers.

  • The cocks in the tank will usually rest so that medical staff can check and provide first aid promptly

  • Cockfighters absolutely do not feed their fighting cocks any other strange food or drink. If cockpit Scholar If those items are found to be inconsistent with the unit’s regulations, the cocks will not be allowed to continue competing.

Rules for breaks at the cockfighting arena Scholar

Experience in choosing quality fighting cocks from experts

Bet defensively when playing at cockpit Scholar If you want to choose a quality, aggressive cock, you need to quickly pocket the following useful experiences:

Based on physiognomy to choose good chickens

Looking at the appearance of a chicken is essentially a matter of considering the appearance, general appearance, and gait of the fighting cock. According to the experience of veteran cockfighters, people should choose fighting chickens with tall bodies and bright eyes. These are usually these list The fighter has high fighting strength and physical endurance.

Reading physiognomy is a useful experience from a master of cock fighting Scholar

Learn how to observe the chicken’s head

The monks here are Scholar Note that a good tip for choosing good fighting cocks is to observe their heads carefully.

  • The wide head is usually a tough chicken, but not very agile and slow to strike.

  • Chickens have bulging eyes and narrow heads according to the experience of experts at Cockpit Scholar These are chickens that are weak physically and mentally. They will usually run away and be defeated quickly.

  • Fighting cocks have square heads and deep faces: These chickens often strike quickly and accurately, and also have good stamina and endurance over time.

Based on the chicken’s beak to choose quality chickens

You can also choose based on the chicken’s beak. This characteristic is quite easy to observe and recognize:

  • Triangular mine according to experts of cockpit Scholar Sharing, these are fighting cocks with good physical strength, agility and extremely dangerous attacks.

  • Sparrow beak: It has a slightly shorter shape compared to other beaks, but when it attacks, it is very fast and strong.

  • Crooked beak: This beak is rare, but if you see a chicken with this beak, you should quickly bet on that cock. Because according to the experience of previous experts, these are the things that list Comprehensive war on all fronts. Including physical strength, speed, and the ability to strike quickly in just a few minutes.

Look at the shape of the chicken’s tail

According to the experience of previous experts, chickens that are perfect in all aspects will often have large, beautiful tails with a naturally spread shape, and the tip of the tail will hang down. People can refer to some of the following popular tail styles:

  • The moon tail shape is the tail with interwoven white spots, looking quite similar to a crescent.

  • White spirit tail: This feature is quite easy to recognize because the tail will be pure white and looks extremely eye-catching.

  • Banana-shaped tail: According to the experience of expert cockpit Scholar, cocks with this tail attack extremely accurately and will often surprise the opponent, causing them to immediately fall.

You should look at the tail shape to choose a good fighting cock


Cockpit Scholar is a famous betting playground that cockfighters should not miss in 2024. Our above article has mentioned the most basic information about the above reputable address. Hopefully you have selected the necessary data and confidently participate in betting to receive many attractive bonuses.

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