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Mau Binh is a popular and very popular card game at international bookmakers. This game has easy-to-understand rules but requires the player's intelligence and strategic thinking. However, mastering and mastering this game is not easy and there have been many cases of players being cheated. To understand what Binh Lung is and how to handle it when you have this deck of cards, you need to follow the content of the following article from top 1 nhà cái uy tín.

What is a hole?

The question about prized soldiers is often asked by those who are just starting to play Mau Binh. Simply put, this is an instant loss when the bettor violates the card placement rules of the game. If you make this mistake, the player will be immediately defeated and of course will lose the entire bet amount placed for that game.

Learn and answer the concept of what is Binh Lung

In trading, arranging cards properly is one of the most basic rules that bettors need to follow. Each person will be dealt 13 cards and need to arrange them into three hands: the first 2 hands each have 5 cards and the last hand has 3 cards. It is important for the bettor to make sure the front hand is stronger than the back hand. If you do not comply with this rule, you will be treated as a loser as soon as you compare your points with your opponent.

The cases are considered trivial

Many new players often wonder what it means to be considered a loser. To help you better understand and avoid making these mistakes, the following is a list of specific situations that are considered flaws.

Situations in which cards are leaky should be avoided

Sorting cards incorrectly

In Mau Binh, players are dealt 13 cards and must arrange them into 3 hands with a structure of 5 – 5 – 3, in which the last hand is the weakest.

Example of incorrect arrangement:

  • First 5 cards: Barrel

  • Middle 5 cards: Cu flood

  • Last 3 cards: Repentance

Many people wonder what is wrong with arranging cards and creating holes? In this case, the player will be counted as a soldier with broken limbs in the middle and head because According to the rules of Mau Binh, Thuong is weaker than Cu Lu.

To avoid holes in the case of such a deck of cards, you should arrange the cards in the correct order as follows:

  • First 5 cards: Cu flood

  • Middle 5 cards: Barrel

  • Last 3 cards: Repentance

The front limbs are smaller than the hind limbs

When a player has a pair of 10s and a pair of 9s, if he puts a pair of 9s in front of a pair of 10s, it will be counted as a hole because the pair of 10s is larger than the pair of 9s. Therefore, you need to put a pair of 10s in the first part and a pair of 9s in the next part. later to avoid being considered a loser immediately.

Wrong trading location

Another very common question from new players is what is a loose card in case the Mau Thau cards are misplaced. Because this is the easiest deck to win, it needs to be placed in the first group. If the player does not pay attention and places it on another limb, whether in the middle or at the end, it will be considered a leak.

5 cards of the same suit

If the player has 5 cards of the same suit, placing them in the middle or bottom hand will bring the greatest advantage. If you put them in the first limb, this will immediately result in being counted as a loose soldier.

The barrel destroys the hall at the end

The straight flush is a very strong hand and if a player places it last it will weaken his deck. This is also considered a mistake and you immediately lose and lose your bet.

Instructions on how to arrange cards to avoid leaks

After understanding what a trap is, the player's job now is to avoid them to avoid being defeated early. To do that well, you must arrange cards according to the following rules:

The way to arrange cards is extremely easy to understand

The first branch ranks the Hall/Barrel/Floor

In Mau Binh, placing halls/barrels/floods in the first branch is a safe and wise decision. For the next hands, players should arrange them strategically to increase their chances of winning. However, if there is a very strong limb, you should consider placing it in the last position of the deck.

Arrange the 3 limbs

By knowing the harmful effects of encountering a trick card, you should also know how to avoid a hole card. Based on statistics, the method of arranging cards from weak to strong is the method most used by many players. With 13 cards, bettors often put weak cards in the first hand and stronger cards in the next hands. Usually, if you lose in the first game, your chances of winning in the following games increase.

3-blade arrangement

In this case, the player will place a straight on the first hand, 3 pairs on the second hand and the third hand. The three strongest cards should be placed in the second hand and this is the position for the strongest pair of cards the player owns.

Things to pay attention to to avoid being hit by a leaky card

To make sure you don't lose completely, in addition to clearly understanding what the game is, players need to keep in mind the following points:

Some points to keep in mind to avoid leaking cards

Flexible card arrangement

Each card game bet requires logical reasoning and quick reactions from the player. It is necessary to observe carefully and make quick and accurate decisions when you receive the cards. So what is the way for players to be 100% successful when dodging leaks?

There is no specific method for you to always win. However, understanding the rules and identifying common mistakes, as well as learning from the experience of previous hands will help develop a better strategy.

Must understand the rules of the game

Knowing clearly what Binh Lung is is not enough, players need to clearly understand all the rules in the Binh Lon card. The rules of this card game are relatively simple, so you will not need to spend a lot of time memorizing. Understanding the rules will help bettors be more flexible in each situation. Advice for players is to learn experience and effective card arrangement methods from experienced bettors.

Maintain a stable mentality

Maintaining a strong mentality and avoiding haste is the key rule that determines your success or failure. In Mau Binh, a calm mood is the deciding factor for success, arranging cards scientifically. Thereby, showing dominance over opponents in the same betting table. If you want to practice your newly learned skills, you can download the offline version of Mau Binh game or try the tables with low stakes.

Follow the masters

Combined with understanding what Binh Loose is, players should also follow Binh card games from experts. Learn how they think and how to arrange cards in cases of bad limbs. Don't forget to apply and practice in real life to turn it into your own skill!


Tin tức tổng hợp has explained to you what the concept of a hole is and how to avoid getting caught in this deck of cards. Although getting caught in a hole will be severely punished, bettors do not need to worry too much because adjusting the appropriate strategy will bring easier victory.


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