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When it comes to village pond cockfighting, bookmaker NEW88 is always remembered. Famous not only attracts the attention of the majority of experienced bettors but is also their top choice. So, what makes this place attractive? Let's explore the advantages and mysteries behind the success of this playground through the article below.

Introducing the NEW88 2024 village pond cockfighting hall

NEW88 Village Pond Cockfighting Hall has established its name as a leading destination for cockfighting bettors. Known for its outstanding advantages, this hall is not only a place to play cockfighting but also a symbol of class in the betting industry.

New88 famous cockfighting hall

NEW88 village pond cockfighting hall not only operates legally but is also guaranteed to be absolutely reputable, providing the best online cockfighting betting experience. With high odds and a variety of bet types, this is truly a place not to be missed for anyone who is passionate about cockfighting.

In addition, NEW88 cockfighting hall also organizes livestreams of village pond cockfighting from famous cockfights, which you can join for free. With a stable connection and sharp image quality, every time participating in entertainment here brings indescribable excitement.

Characteristics when participating in the New88 village pond cockfighting hall

Coming to NEW88 village pond cockfighting hall, you will experience unique and attractive features that cannot be matched anywhere else.


Livestream the matches of the cocks

Proud to be the only unit that owns the copyright to live stream all village pond cockfighting matches, from big to small matches, both domestically and internationally. With thrilling confrontations and unique action scenes, guaranteed to be conveyed to users quickly and sharply.

Continuously update Hang Dau village pond cockfighting tournaments

You can find every cockfighting tournament from small to large throughout the region. Whether it's a national or international tournament, NEW88 is always willing to serve all players' needs.

Diverse fighting information

Not only providing quality matches, but also synthesizing and sharing complete information about the fighting cocks for players. All the hottest and most interesting news about the cockfighting world is updated and conveyed in the most intuitive way to readers.

Instructions for participating in New88 village pond cockfighting betting

Knowing about the NEW88 cockfighting service, you are certainly very excited, right? Don't hesitate any longer, see how to register to join bookmaker NEW88 right below:

  • Step 1: Go to the NEW88 link

  • Step 2: Click "register an account" in the top right corner of the home page and follow the instructions.

  • Step 3: Once registered, connect your account with available payment methods, deposit money and find the village pond cockfighting hall in NEW88's game area to start experiencing immediately.

How to choose a fighting cock when participating in a village pond cockfight

In choosing fighting cocks, observation is an important part of making a decision. Below are some noteworthy points that NEW88 wants to share:

Chicken appearance

Choose chickens based on appearance

  • Pay attention to your eyes

Choosing a good fighting cock depends on its flexible eyes and thin eyelids. This shows that they have good observation abilities and show fierceness.

  • Consider the shape of the beak

The chicken's beak is a must-see. Choose animals with large, sturdy beaks so they can deliver effective pecks.

  • Observe your posture

The chicken's posture also tells a lot about it. Chickens that stand straight and strong are usually confident and brave.

  • Look at the foot scales

Dry leg scales and no flesh flaps indicate that the chicken is capable of launching powerful kicks.

  • Listen to the crowing sound

Crowing is also an important indicator. There is a saying, "The crowing of a chicken is superior to each other." Chickens that crow loudly and loudly are usually those with good strength.

Remember these points when choosing chickens to get strong and fighting cocks.

Fighting style of fighting cocks

Choose chicken through technique

In addition to choosing a chicken based on breed, appearance, fighting style are also important factors that cannot be overlooked when choosing a chicken in village pond chicken fighting. Here are two techniques to pay attention to:

  • Face Head Kick

The head-to-head fight is one of the dangerous moves of fighting cocks, targeting parts such as the eyes, comb, beak and exposed skin.

  • Vertical Stone and Vertical Stone

Vertical fighting cocks often attack strongly in the vertical direction, while side fighting targets the opponent's main weakness. Observe how they play to choose the right ones.

You should update the information of the cocks shared by the lobby so you can choose the right cock for yourself.


That's the knowledge you need to know about village pond cockfighting at NEW88. Wishing bettors have an enjoyable relaxing time, participate successfully and achieve much success and prosperity with New88! Learn more casino new88 here.


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