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New88 Tam Cuc card game is a popular traditional card game in Vietnam, now available on the New88 online platform with many outstanding advantages. Learn more about how to play, strategies and secrets to winning at Tam Cuc card game on link New88 right now.

Introduction to New88 Tam Cuc Cards

Introducing the Tam Chrysanthemum song

On the New88 platform, tam dai card game is improved and upgraded with a modern, easy-to-see interface and a vivid sound system, giving players a realistic experience like playing at a real casino.

Overview information about the Tam Chrysanthemum card game on the New88 platform.

New88 Tam Cuc card game is a popular card game in Vietnam with 3 players. Using a deck of 52 cards, Tam Chrysanthemum has simple rules and is easy to get used to. New88 Tam Cuc card game supports players on many versions, including computers, mobile phones and tablets, creating maximum convenience for players.

General information about the Tam Chrysanthemum article

The reason why New88 tam chrysanthemum card game attracts players.

The game has simple rules, easy to learn and suitable for all ages.

New88 card game has a beautiful interface, vivid effects and realistic sound, creating the feeling of playing at a real casino.

New88 offers a variety of bet levels, from low to high, suitable for all players” budgets.

New88 regularly organizes attractive promotions and rewards for tam dai card players.

Rules and regulations when playing Tam Cuc New88

Before starting the game, each player will bet on the “Heart” or “Chrysanthemum” box. If the player bets correctly, they will receive double their bet back.

After placing a bet, players will be dealt 9 cards and begin playing against each other. Players can exchange 1 or 2 cards on the first turn if they are not satisfied with their deck.

Rules and regulations of the game

After exchanging cards, players will make a decision to play according to “Tam” or “Cuc”. If the player chooses correctly, they will receive double their bet back and continue to play against the remaining 2 players.

If there are 2 players who choose the same “Heart” or the same “Chrysanthemum”, they will fight each other to determine the winner. The player with the larger deck of cards will win and receive double their bet back.

If there are 3 players who choose differently, the person with the largest deck of cards will win and receive back the bets of the remaining 2 players.

Bettors need to explore scoring methods

Each player”s score will be calculated based on the total value of the 9 cards in hand. The value of the cards is calculated in order from high to low: Ace = 10 points, K = 9 points, Q = 8 points, J = 7 points, 10 = 6 points, 9 = 5 points, 8 = 4 points , 7 = 3 points, 6 = 2 points, 5 = 1 point, 4 = 0.5 points, 3 = 0.25 points, 2 = 0.125 points.

The player with the larger deck of cards will win and receive double their bet back. In case there are 2 players with equal decks, the player with the highest card will win.

Great experiences when playing tam chrysanthemum with New88

There are many great experiences players can encounter when participating with New88. So follow the updated details below.

Promotions and Special Offers

Attractive promotions for New88 Tam Cuc card players.

Refund program: New88 has a 0.8% refund program for members who play tam chrysanthemum cards. The rebate amount will be calculated based on the total bet amount during the round.

Weekly prizes: Every week, New88 will organize a tam chrysanthemum card tournament with prizes up to millions of dong for the winners.

Special promotions: There are often special promotions for New88 Tam Cuc card players such as gifts, discounts or increased refunds.

New members: New members will receive 100% of the first deposit value up to 2 million VND.

Loyal members: New88 has a points accumulation program for loyal members. Every time you play tam chrysanthemum, you will receive bonus points and can exchange these points for cash or gifts.

Customer Service and Support

New88″s customer support service related to the Tam Cuc card game.

Help Center: New88 has a 24/7 online help center to answer all players” questions. You can visit the website or contact via email or phone number for support.

Detailed instructions: On the New88 website, there are detailed instructions on how to play New88 Tam Cuc and the rules and regulations of the game.

Player community: You can join the Tam Cuc card player community on New88 to exchange experiences and learn from experienced players.

How to reach out and get help when needed

Phone number: If you need quick help, call hotline 1900 1234 to receive support from New88 customer service staff.

Website: Visit New88″s website and select “Help Center” to chat directly with support staff or view frequently asked questions.

New88 Tam Cuc card game is a popular card game and attracts many players on With simple but attractive rules, along with strategies and playing experience from experienced players, you can easily become a New88 Tam Cuc card master.