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Asian Handicap is a type of soccer bet that many players are interested in and choose when participating in betting on the king sport. So how to bet accurately and increase your odds of winning? Please refer to the article below by Jun88.

Detailed concept of Asian handicap

General information about Asian handicaps

Asian handicap is also known by other names as Handicap handicap, upper handicap, lower handicap, handicap,… This is a type of handicap that analyzes the difference in form and strength of two teams playing in a match. . This type of bet is considered to bring very high win rates to players.

With this bet, depending on the change of the bet, there will be many different types of bets such as: yellow card bet, corner kick bet, over/under bet, handicap bet,… Depending on how the match takes place. How will bookmakers give odds at a certain time?

Summary of the most popular types of Asian handicaps today

What types of popular Asian handicaps are there?

Along with learning about the concept of this type of bet, you need to clearly understand its types of bets. Let”s take a look at these popular types of bets:

Handicap on the ball

This type of draw or 0 bet is relatively common in Asian handicaps. In particular, the ball handicap appears when both teams are evenly matched. With the ball handicap, there are 3 cases as follows:

  • When the higher odds team wins, the player who bets on the higher odds team will win.

  • When the underdog wins, the player who bets on the underdog will win.

  • When both teams have a draw, the player will receive back the amount he or she bet.

Half ball handicap handicap

The half-ball handicap is also known by other names as the ¼ handicap or 0.25 handicap. Specifically, how to play this bet is as follows:

  • If the final result is that the favorite team wins, the player bets on the favorite team to win.

  • In case the underdog team wins, the player bets on the underdog team to win.

  • If both teams tie, the player who bets on the higher team will lose and lose half of the bet.

  • The lower bet will win and will receive half the bonus equal to ½ of the total bet amount.

Handicap 0.75

Handicap of 0.75 left or ¾ left is a popular way to bet on sporting events, especially king sports. With a 3/4 handicap, the person betting on the handicapped team will win the entire bet amount if that team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more.

  • In case the handicapped team wins but with a difference of only 1 goal, the bettor will receive half of the original bet back.

  • On the contrary, if the handicapped team loses or draws, the bettor will lose the bet amount. This creates a certain risk and reward opportunity for players when participating in match betting.

Penalty bet

This type of bet is simply understood as the bettors predicting special kicks on the field that are not blocked by any player. Players can choose to bet on the total Penalty kick, bet on which team will get the Penalty kick or which team will win points when winning the Penalty.

Things to note when participating in betting

Note when participating

When participating in Asian handicap betting, bettors need to clearly understand the strength of the two teams, analyze their performance, confrontation history, player strength,… to make the correct choice. Each match will have many different odds, please consider carefully and choose the odds that suit your risk tolerance to optimize profits.

Besides, effective management of betting capital is also very important. Split your bets into small pieces, don”t bet everything on one match. Smart bet management will help you control risks and avoid losing everything.

Which bookmaker should I bet on Asian Handicap at?

Which bookmaker should I bet at?

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So above, nhà cái Jun88 has given accurate information about Asian handicaps and notes when playing this handicap. Hopefully this information will help you better understand related questions when playing soccer betting.